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    Atomistic calculation of point-defect diffusion anisotropy and irradiation growth inĪ±-zirconium
    with C. H. Woo
    Philosophical Magazine 87 (16): 2355-2369. 2007.
  •  13
    Applying Wave Processing Techniques to Clustering of Gene Expressions
    with P. D. O'Neill and G. D. Magoulas
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 15 (1-4): 107-128. 2006.
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    Customer Concentration, Managerial Ability, and Corporate Performance
    with Guanghui Jin and Qingjuan Jiang
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    We examined whether and how managerial ability affects the relationship between customer concentration and corporate performance. Based on a novel measure of managerial ability, we found that customer concentration has a significant negative effect on corporate performance, while managerial ability can mitigate this effect. The negative effect of customer concentration is only significant in the subsample of low ability and lower efficiency in asset utilization, while the moderating effect of ma…Read more
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    Orientation of shear bands for a rigid plastic frictional material in simple shear
    with A. Papon, H. Muhlhaus, and L. Gross
    Philosophical Magazine 92 (28-30): 3564-3588. 2012.
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    Engineering solutions for complex composite material behaviour spanning time and temperature scales
    with M. L. Scott, D. J. Elder, S. Feih, A. J. Gunnion, and R. S. Thomson
    Philosophical Magazine 90 (31-32): 4153-4174. 2010.
  •  22
    Specific and nonspecific thalamocortical functional connectivity in normal and vegetative states
    with Jingsheng Zhou, Weiqun Song, Yanhui Yang, and Zhilian Zhao
    Consciousness and Cognition 20 (2): 257-268. 2011.
    Recent theoretical advances describing consciousness from information and integration have highlighted the unique role of the thalamocortical system in leading to integrated information and thus, consciousness. Here, we examined the differential distributions of specific and nonspecific thalamocortical functional connections using resting-state fMRI in a group of healthy subjects and vegetative-state patients. We found that both thalamic systems were widely distributed, but they exhibited differ…Read more