•  39
    Social Anxiety, Stress Type, and Conformity among Adolescents
    with Peng Zhang, Yanhe Deng, Xue Yu, and Xiangping Liu
    Frontiers in Psychology 7 190811. 2016.
    Social anxiety and stress type can influence strong conformity among adolescents; however, the interaction between them is not clear. In this study, 152 adolescents were recruited and assigned one of two conditions: an interaction and a judgment condition. In the interaction condition, adolescents with high social anxiety (HSA) were less likely to conform when completing a modified Asch task, compared to adolescents who had low social anxiety. In the judgment condition, adolescents with HSA were…Read more
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    Culture moderates the relationship between self-control ability and free will beliefs in childhood
    with Adrienne Wente, María Fernández Flecha, Denise Segovia Galvan, Alison Gopnik, and Tamar Kushnir
    Cognition 210 (C): 104609. 2021.
    We investigate individual, developmental, and cultural differences in self-control in relation to children's changing belief in “free will” – the possibility of acting against and inhibiting strong desires. In three studies, 4- to 8-year-olds in the U.S., China, Singapore, and Peru (N = 441) answered questions to gauge their belief in free will and completed a series of self-control and inhibitory control tasks. Children across all four cultures showed predictable age-related improvements in sel…Read more
  •  20
    A structure created by intersectingϵmartensite variant plates in a high-manganese steel
    with X. Zhang, T. Sawaguchi, K. Ogawa, and F. Yin
    Philosophical Magazine 91 (35): 4410-4426. 2011.
  •  15
    Revisiting the Effect of Emotional Labor: A Multi-Level Investigation in Front-Line Service Teams
    with Na Fu, Yseult Freeney, and Patrick C. Flood
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
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    Coronavirus disease 2019 has not only resulted in immeasurable life and property losses worldwide but has also impacted individuals’ development, especially teenagers. After the COVID-19 pandemic, individual rumination as an important cognitive process should be given more attention because of its close associations with physical and mental health. Previous studies have shown that creativity as an antecedent variable can predict people’s mental health or adaptation. However, few studies have foc…Read more
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    Organizational citizenship behavior can foster organizational competitiveness and survival especially, facing a rapidly changing environment. There are some empirical pieces of research that shed light on the effects of OCB on extrinsic rewards, since OCB, through performance appraisal, affects extrinsic rewards which will influence OCB as well. However, researchers have overlooked the reverse effect of extrinsic rewards on OCB. It is necessary to explore the mechanism between positive verbal re…Read more
  •  13
    The Permeable Character of CSG Dams and Their Seepage Fields
    with Yunlong He
    Complexity 2018 1-14. 2018.
  •  13
    Alpha rhythm of electroencephalography was modulated differently by three transcranial direct current stimulation protocols in patients with ischemic stroke
    with Yuanyuan Chen, Chunfang Wang, Peiqing Song, Changcheng Sun, Ying Zhang, and Jingang Du
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 16. 2022.
    The heterogeneity of transcranial direct current stimulation protocols and clinical profiles may explain variable results in modulating excitability in the motor cortex after stroke. However, the cortical electrical effects induced by different tDCS protocols remain unclear. Here, we aimed to compare rhythm changes in electroencephalography induced by three tDCS position protocols and the association between tDCS effects and clinical factors in stroke. Nineteen patients with chronic ischemic str…Read more
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    The setting in which people generate ideas and work collaboratively to solve problems is gradually shifting from traditional face-to-face communities to virtual communities. Virtual communities are, therefore, becoming a new source of creative ideas. Nevertheless, online creativity is not without challenges. The main obstacle seems to be a lack of active engagement from participants within these virtual communities, resulting in a low quality and quantity of creative content when compared to tra…Read more
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    Front Waves of Chemical Reactions and Travelling Waves of Neural Activity
    with Yidi Zhang, Shan Guo, Mingzhu Sun, Lucio Mariniello, and Arturo Tozzi
    Journal of Neurophilosophy 1 (2). 2022.
    Travelling waves crossing the nervous networks at mesoscopic/macroscopic scales have been correlated with different brain functions, from long-term memory to visual stimuli. Here we investigate a feasible relationship between wave generation/propagation in recurrent nervous networks and a physical/chemical model, namely the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction. Since BZ’s nonlinear, chaotic chemical process generates concentric/intersecting waves that closely resemble the diffusive nonlinear/chaotic os…Read more
  •  6
    Multiple-Instance Learning via an RBF Kernel-Based Extreme Learning Machine
    with Jie Wang and Liangjian Cai
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 26 (1). 2017.
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    Previous studies show that adults and children evaluate the act of leaving a choice for others as prosocial, and have termed such actions as socially mindful actions. The current study investigates how the desirability of the available options (i.e., whether the available options are desirable or not) may influence adults’ and children's evaluation of socially mindful actions. Children (N = 120, 4- to 6-year-olds) and adults (N = 124) were asked to evaluate characters selecting items for themsel…Read more
  • Bilingual lexical representation in a self-organizing neural network
    with P. Li
    In McNamara D. S. & Trafton J. G. (eds.), Proceedings of the 29th Annual Cognitive Science Society, Cognitive Science Society. pp. 755--760. 2007.