• Task Decomposition and Grouping for Customer Collaboration in Product Development
    with Yu Yang and Beifang Bao
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 25 (3). 2016.
  •  4
    Modeling Risk Contagion in the Venture Capital Market: A Multilayer Network Approach
    with L. D. Valdez, H. E. Stanley, and L. A. Braunstein
    Complexity 2019 1-11. 2019.
    Venture capital plays a critical role in spurring innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship, and generating wealth. As a part of the financial market, venture capital is affected by market downturns and economic cycles, but it also creates bubbles that negatively impact the economy and social stability. Although the venture capital market is a potential source of systemic risk, there has been little study of its contagion risk mechanism, or how the failure of a single market participant can threa…Read more
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    A structure created by intersectingϵmartensite variant plates in a high-manganese steel
    with T. Sawaguchi, K. Ogawa, F. Yin, and X. Zhao
    Philosophical Magazine 91 (35): 4410-4426. 2011.
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    A Member Selection Model of Collaboration New Product Development Teams Considering Knowledge and Collaboration
    with Jiafu Su and Yu Yang
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 27 (2): 213-229. 2018.
    Member selection to form an effective collaboration new product development team is crucial for a successful NPD. Existing researches on member selection mostly focus on the individual attributes of candidates. However, under the background of collaboration, knowledge complementarity and collaboration performance among candidates are important but overlooked. In this paper, we propose a multi-objective optimization model for member selection of a Co-NPD team, considering comprehensively the indi…Read more