•  179
    Explanations in Design Thinking: New Directions for an Obfuscated Field
    with Patrick Fraser
    She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation 5 (4): 343-355. 2019.
    Design plays an integral role in the functions of modern society. Yet the abstract process by which designers carry out their work is not obvious. The study of design thinking has grown in recent years into a major area of academic research, yet it presently lacks a clear theoretical basis; and as a discipline, its methodologies are disparate. Here, we outline and clarify the framework of the scholarly study of design thinking, introducing the major ideas and concepts upon which the field is bas…Read more
  •  107
    Scientificity and The Law of Theory Demarcation
    with Patrick Fraser
    Scientonomy: Journal for the Science of Science 2 55-66. 2018.
    The demarcation between science and non-science seems to play an important role in the process of scientific change, as theories regularly transition from being considered scientific to being considered unscientific and vice versa. However, theoretical scientonomy is yet to shed light on this process. The goal of this paper is to tackle the problem of demarcation from the scientonomic perspective. Specifically, we introduce scientificity as a distinct epistemic stance that an agent can take towa…Read more