•  50
    Learning to Dislike Chocolate: Conditioning Negative Attitudes toward Chocolate and Its Effect on Chocolate Consumption
    with Guosen Wang, Dingyuan Zhang, Lei Wang, Xianghua Cui, Jinglei Zhu, and Yuan Fang
    Frontiers in Psychology 8. 2017.
  •  18
    The experiences of Chinese mainland students with English-medium instruction in a Macau University
    with Shulin Yu and Yanju Shao
    Educational Studies 44 (3): 357-360. 2017.
    While research on English-medium instruction has proliferated in the past decades, little research has examined how students from a monolingual background actually experience EMI, or the learning processes involved in such experiences. Drawing upon in-depth interviews and student reflection journals, this study examines the experiences of Chinese university students currently studying in an EMI university in Macau. The findings show that while the students were satisfied with their learning in t…Read more
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    This paper addresses value changes that have occurred to college?educated youth as China is going through drastic social transformations under Western influences. It explains how socio?economic and cultural forces interplay within a particular historical and political context in bringing about such notable changes as individualism, materialism and moral crisis. Through exploring young people's perceptions of the relative status of China versus the West, represented by the USA, the paper reveals …Read more
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    Energy distribution of weak deformed rock mass and its influence on gas well productivity
    with Shuai Yin, Yi Wang, Jingzhou Zhao, Weitao Wu, and Tebo Yang
    Interpretation 7 (2). 2019.
    Microfractures represent an important rupture type, but current studies on the construction of microscale rupture parameters and their impacts on oil and gas production capacity are relatively weak. Therefore, we constructed the strain energy density based on 3D finite-element method for the tight sandstone reservoir of the Permian He8 segment in the western region of the Sulige gas field, Ordos Basin. It indicated that the [Formula: see text] values of the major production layers are mainly dis…Read more
  • Mengzi Zhi (edited book)
    with Peigui Liu and Guangzhi Zhou
    Shandong Ren Min Chu Ban She. 2009.
  • Shang Yong Ren Jing
    with Juying Qiao, Mingkui Xu, and Liang Wu
    . 1994.