•  24
    Failure criterion for metallic glasses
    with M. Q. Jiang, Y. J. Wei, and L. H. Dai
    Philosophical Magazine 91 (36): 4536-4554. 2011.
  •  15
    Material forces in micromorphic thermoelastic solids
    with J. D. Lee
    Philosophical Magazine 85 (33-35): 3897-3910. 2005.
  •  16
    The structure of Au layers deposited by sputtering on oxidized p-type Si substrates is investigated by a combination of scanning electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy. The effect of the temperature on the grain structure of the layers has been determined, revealing that an annealing temperature of 300° C results in a larger grain size and smoother surfaces but generates some cracks in the film surface. At an annealing temperature of 500° C, further grain growth is observed, but a hig…Read more
  • Pressurizing field-effect transistors of few-layer MoS 2 in a diamond anvil cell
    with F. Ke, P. Ci, C. Ko, T. Park, S. Saremi, H. Liu, Y. Lee, J. Suh, L. W. Martin, J. W. Ager, B. Chen, and J. Wu
    © 2016 American Chemical Society.Hydrostatic pressure applied using diamond anvil cells has been widely explored to modulate physical properties of materials by tuning their lattice degree of freedom. Independently, electrical field is able to tune the electronic degree of freedom of functional materials via, for example, the field-effect transistor configuration. Combining these two orthogonal approaches would allow discovery of new physical properties and phases going beyond the known phase sp…Read more