Department of Biology and Chemistry, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Universidad Católica Del Maule
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    Meta-Theoretical Contributions to the Constitution of a Model-Based Didactics of Science
    with Pablo Lorenzano and Agustín Adúriz-Bravo
    Science & Education 25 (7-8): 747-773. 2016.
    There is nowadays consensus in the community of didactics of science regarding the need to include the philosophy of science in didactical research, science teacher education, curriculum design, and the practice of science education in all educational levels. Some authors have identified an ever-increasing use of the concept of ‘theoretical model’, stemming from the so-called semantic view of scientific theories. However, it can be recognised that, in didactics of science, there are over-simplif…Read more
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    Do What Darwin Did – How to Deal with Teleological Misconceptions in the Classroom
    with Ginnobili Santiago and González Galli Leonardo
    Science & Education (-): 1-21. 2021.
    We argue that teleological thinking plays a central role in biology and, more specifically, in theory of natural selection, and, therefore, the didactic goal cannot be its unnuanced elimination. In this sense, we will suggest that students’ teleological views can be used as the starting point for the construction of knowledge in this area of biology. To establish possible didactic strategies, we will turn to the way Darwin himself dealt with the teleology of former naturalists: Darwin had to mod…Read more