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    The minimal e-degree problem in fragments of Peano arithmetic
    with M. M. Arslanov, C. T. Chong, and S. B. Cooper
    Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 131 (1-3): 159-175. 2005.
    We study the minimal enumeration degree problem in models of fragments of Peano arithmetic () and prove the following results: in any model M of Σ2 induction, there is a minimal enumeration degree if and only if M is a nonstandard model. Furthermore, any cut in such a model has minimal e-degree. By contrast, this phenomenon fails in the absence of Σ2 induction. In fact, whether every Σ2 cut has minimal e-degree is independent of the Σ2 bounding principle
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    Problems and the Potential Direction of Reforms for the Current Individual Medical Savings Accounts in the Chinese Health Care System
    with X. Kong, F. Gong, and M. Zhao
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 37 (6): 556-567. 2012.
    Individual health savings accounts are an important part of the current basic medical insurance system for urban workers in China. Since 1998 when the system of personal medical insurance accounts was first implemented, there has been considerable controversy over its function and significance within different social communities. This paper analyzes the main problems in the practical implementation of individual medical insurance accounts and discusses the social and cultural foundations for the…Read more
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    A nonlow2 R. E. Degree with the Extension of Embeddings Properties of a low2 Degree
    with R. A. Shore
    Mathematical Logic Quarterly 48 (1): 131-146. 2002.
    We construct a nonlow2 r.e. degree d such that every positive extension of embeddings property that holds below every low2 degree holds below d. Indeed, we can also guarantee the converse so that there is a low r.e. degree c such that that the extension of embeddings properties true below c are exactly the ones true belowd.Moreover, we can also guarantee that no b ≤ d is the base of a nonsplitting pair
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    View on donated life: Construction of philosophical ethics on human organ donation
    with En‐Chang Li and Wen‐pei Zhu
    Bioethics 34 (3): 318-321. 2020.
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    Ct Chong
    with C. T. Cl-Iong
    In Edward R. Griffor (ed.), Handbook of Computability Theory, Elsevier. pp. 140--298. 1999.