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    Does the solar system compute the laws of motion?
    with Douglas Ian Campbell
    Synthese 198 (4): 3203-3220. 2019.
    The counterfactual account of physical computation is simple and, for the most part, very attractive. However, it is usually thought to trivialize the notion of physical computation insofar as it implies ‘limited pancomputationalism’, this being the doctrine that every deterministic physical system computes some function. Should we bite the bullet and accept limited pancomputationalism, or reject the counterfactual account as untenable? Jack Copeland would have us do neither of the above. He att…Read more
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    Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, EarlyView.
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    A 3D channel body interpretation via multiple attributes and supervoxel graph cut
    with Xingmiao Yao, Mengxin Zhang, Mengyang Sun, Cheng Zhou, and Guangmin Hu
    Interpretation 7 (4). 2019.
    Channels have always been vital geologic features in the exploration of hydrocarbon reservoirs, which makes the interpretation of channels an important task. Many different seismic attributes have been proposed to help the process of channel interpretation. A single seismic attribute could not fully and accurately reflect the geologic structure and edge details of a channel. Therefore, interpretation on a single attribute causes inaccurate segmentation. A 3D channel body interpretation method ba…Read more
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    Cognitive processing of scalar implicatures with Chinese gradable adjectives
    with Si Liu
    Pragmatics and Cognition 24 (3): 373-403. 2017.
    In previous research comparing the Context-driven Model with the Default Model of meaning processing, the former was preferred. It predicts that contexts play an exclusively decisive role in meaning processing, whereas the latter holds that the inference of literal meaning generally goes through, unless it is subsequently defaulted or cancelled by the context it is associated with. The Standardization Model, which we added to our experiments, highlights that implicatures are figured out from sta…Read more
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    View on donated life: Construction of philosophical ethics on human organ donation
    with En-Chang Li and Wen-pei Zhu
    Bioethics 34 (3): 318-321. 2020.
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    We performed an integrated study of multistage hydraulic fracture stimulation of two parallel horizontal wells in the Bakken Formation in the Williston Basin, North Dakota. There are three distinct parts of this study: development of a geomechanical model for the study area, interpretation of multiarray downhole recordings of microseismic events, and interpretation of hydraulic fracturing data in a geomechanical context. We estimated the current stress state to be characterized by an NF/SS regim…Read more
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    Fuzzy Boost Classifier of Decision Experts for Multicriteria Group Decision-Making
    with Xiao-yi Wang, Yu-Ting Bai, Jia-bin Yu, Zhi-yao Zhao, and Xue-bo Jin
    Complexity 2020 1-10. 2020.
    The expert is a vital role in multicriteria decision-making, which provides source decision opinions. In the existing group decision-making activities, the selection of experts is usually conducted artificially, which relies on personal subjective experience. It has been the urgent demand for an automatic selection of experts, which can help to determine their weights for the follow-up decision calculation. In this paper, an expert classification method is proposed to solve the problem. First, t…Read more
  • Architectural form of the language diversity of landscape sketches Study
    Philosophy of the Social Sciences 35 (2). 2005.
    Landscape architectural sketches as a painter in real life performance of the most simple and efficient means of drawing attention to the form of linguistic diversity to pursue both a true reflection of objective reality, but also further demonstrate the unique inner experience, mining personality, weaknesses, enrich and improve the artistic quality
  • Patient Autonomy Investigation Under the Technology-Based Health Care System
    Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 32 (2): 163-170. 2012.
    With widespread advances in the diffusion and application of medical technologies, the phenomena of misuse and overuse have become pervasive. These phenomena not only increase the cost of health care systems and deplete the accessibility and availability of health care services, they also jeopardize patient autonomy. From a literature review on this aspect of medical technology, an impact on patient autonomy is found in almost all cases, with the exception of philosophical or ethical writings, i…Read more
  • Although the relationship between stressors and thriving at work has been established, the linkage between them is still in the early stages of theory development. This study proposed a two-path model, based on Lepine’s stressors-performance model, to analyze the effects of the stressors on the thriving at work. Two complementary mediating paths were proposed, i.e., affective strain and motivation, which were explained using affective events theory and expectancy theory, respectively. Based on t…Read more