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    Phenomenological Comparison: Pursuing Husserl’s “Time-consciousness” in Poems by Wang Wei, Paul Celan and Santoka Taneda
    with Boris Steipe
    Comparative and Continental Philosophy 9 (3): 241-259. 2017.
    ABSTRACT“Time-consciousness” constitutes the core of Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology. Extending from a project of reviving the comparative method, we develop Husserl’s phenomenological analysis of time as a method of literary comparison. Three views of time set the stage: the quatrain “Luán’s Fall” by the eighth-century Chinese poet Wang Wei, a stanza from the poem “Etched off‌” by Paul Celan, the quintessential post-war poet in German language, and the haiku “Walking, on and on” by the Japanese …Read more
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    The Dissolved Oxygen Prediction Method Based on Neural Network
    with Zhong Xiao, Lingxi Peng, Haohuai Liu, Jiaqing Wang, and Yangang Nie
    Complexity 1-6. 2017.
  • Practising Rhythmanalysis: Theories and Methodologies
    Rowman & Littlefield International. 2016.
    This book sets up ‘rhythmanalysis’ as an innovative methodology for theorizing and practicing cultural historical research.
  • Methodology for the National Water Savings and Spreadsheet: Indoor Residential and Commercial/Institutional Products, and Outdoor Residential Products
    with J. Schein, V. Letschert, P. Chan, C. Dunham, H. Fuchs, M. McNeil, Melody M., H. Strattron, and A. Williams
    This report describes the analytical models Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory developed to estimate impacts of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense® labeling program. The models assess national impacts for WaterSense labeled toilets, faucets, faucet aerators, showerheads, flushing urinals, commercial pre-rinse spray valves, and weather or soil moisture sensor-based irrigation controllers by analyzing national inputs for water use in residential and commercial/institutional m…Read more
  • Keeping Pace with Water and Wastewater Rates
    with H. Stratton, H. Fuchs, C. Dunham, C. Ni, and A. Williams