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    A survey of the perspectives of patients who are seriously ill regarding end-of-life decisions in some medical institutions of Korea, China and Japan
    with Kwon Ivo, Koh Younsuck, Suh Sang-Yeon, Heo Dae Seog, Bae Hyunah, Hattori Kenji, and Zhai Xiaomei
    Journal of Medical Ethics 38 (5): 310-316. 2012.
    Purpose The debate about the end-of-life care decision is becoming a serious ethical and legal concern in the Far-Eastern countries of Korea, China and Japan. However, the issues regarding end-of-life care will reflect the cultural background, current medical practices and socioeconomic conditions of the countries, which are different from Western countries and between each other. Understanding the genuine thoughts of patients who are critically ill is the first step in confronting the issues, a…Read more