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    Female migrant workers are doubly disadvantaged in China's urban labor market because of their doubly marginalized identities as both women and rural residents. This article takes a process-centered approach to explore how female migrants' two identity categories generate intersectional effects on their job-search experiences in cities. Data from in-depth interviews conducted in Xi'an city, China, in 2010 and 2011 reveal that three patterns of relationship explain the processes where the gender–…Read more
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    Metal Roof Fault Diagnosis Method Based on RBF-SVM
    with Liman Yang, Lianming Su, Haifeng Jiang, Xueyao Yang, Yunhua Li, Dongkai Shen, and Na Wang
    Complexity 2020 1-12. 2020.
    Metal roof enclosure system is an important part of steel structure construction. In recent years, it has been widely used in large-scale public or industrial buildings such as stadiums, airport terminals, and convention centers. Affected by bad weather, various types of accidents on metal roofs frequently occurred, causing huge property losses and adverse effects. Because of wide span, long service life and hidden fault of metal roof, the manual inspection of metal roof has low efficiency, poor…Read more
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    Brain mechanisms linking language processing and open motor skill training
    with Qingchun Ji, Chenglin Zhou, and Yingying Wang
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 16. 2022.
    Given the discovery of a distributed language and motor functional network, surprisingly few studies have explored whether language processing is related to motor skill training. To address this issue, the present study used functional magnetic resonance imaging to compare whole-brain activation between nonexperts and experts in table tennis, an open skill sport in which players make rapid decisions in response to an ever-changing environment. Whole-brain activation was assessed in 30 expert tab…Read more
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    A New Precise High Flow Oxygen Therapy System Based on Sliding Mode Control Strategy
    with Yan Shi, Luyu Xu, Fei Xie, and Maolin Cai
    Complexity 2022 1-12. 2022.
    In recent years, precise high flow oxygen therapy as a new type of oxygen therapy machine has gradually attracted people’s attention and has been widely used in hospital emergency and clinical treatment of respiratory diseases; especially in recent years, severe coronavirus disease has played an important role in the treatment of patients. This paper presents a new type of precise high flow oxygen therapy machine with electromagnetic pneumatic flow valve as the core control element. A sliding mo…Read more
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    Super-Twisting Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode-Based Robust Impedance Control of Robots
    with Tairen Sun and Jiantao Yang
    Complexity 2022 1-6. 2022.
    This paper proposes a super-twisting terminal sliding mode-based robust impedance controller to improve the compliance and robustness in robot-environment interaction. Based on the desired impedance dynamics, an impedance reference trajectory is constructed. Then, based on a super-twisting terminal sliding-mode, the robust impedance controller is designed to guarantee the achievement of the desired impedance dynamics in finite-time through the finite-time convergence of an impedance error. The m…Read more