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    The Target Recovery Strategy for Preventing Avalanche Breakdown on Interdependent Community Networks
    with Kai Gong, Xiao-Long Chen, Qing Li, and Ming Tang
    Complexity 2020 1-13. 2020.
    Many real infrastructure systems such as power grids and communication networks across cities not only depend on each other but also have community structures. This observation derives a new research subject of the interdependent community networks. Recent works showed that the ICNs are extremely vulnerable to the failure of interconnected nodes between communities. Such vulnerability is prone to cause avalanche breakdown of the ICNs. How to improve the robustness of ICNs remains a challenge. In…Read more
  • Postmodern Shakespeare: Thinking Through Hamlet’s Subversive Character
    IAFOR Journal of Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 3 (1): 4-24. 2017.
    Over the centuries people have always faced the deaths of their beloved ones in their families and suffer from grief over them. William Shakespeare in Hamlet offers his ideas of how a son faces his father’s death and his mother’s remarriage, ideas of whether purgatory exists and ideas of which eschatology is correct in the English Reformation, either Catholic or Protestant. In this essay, I examine two traces and one reversal in the play and ask many what-if questions through the perspective of …Read more