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    © 2015 American Chemical Society.Near-infrared dye-sensitized upconversion nanoparticles can broaden the absorption range and boost upconversion efficiency of UCNPs. Here, we achieved significantly enhanced upconversion luminescence in dye-sensitized core/active shell UCNPs via the doping of ytterbium ions in the UCNP shell, which bridged the energy transfer from the dye to the UCNP core. As a result, we synergized the two most practical upconversion booster effectors to amplify upconversion eff…Read more
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    Proteogenomic analyses indicate bacterial methylotrophy and archaeal heterotrophy are prevalent below the grass root zone
    with C. N. Butterfield, P. F. Andeer, S. Spaulding, B. C. Thomas, A. Singh, R. L. Hettich, K. B. Suttle, A. J. Probst, S. G. Tringe, T. Northen, C. Pan, and J. F. Banfield
    Annually, half of all plant-derived carbon is added to soil where it is microbially respired to CO2. However, understanding of the microbiology of this process is limited because most culture-independent methods cannot link metabolic processes to the organisms present, and this link to causative agents is necessary to predict the results of perturbations on the system. We collected soil samples at two sub-root depths before and after a rainfall-driven nutrient perturbation event in a Northern Ca…Read more
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    Tumor-specific chromosome mis-segregation controls cancer plasticity by maintaining tumor heterogeneity
    with Y. Hu, N. Ru, H. Xiao, A. Chaturbedi, Hoa N. T., X. J. Tian, H. Zhang, C. Ke, F. Yan, J. Nelson, R. Gramer, L. Yu, E. Siegel, X. Zhang, Z. Jia, M. R. Jadus, C. L. Limoli, M. E. Linskey, J. Xing, and Y. H. Zhou
    Aneuploidy with chromosome instability is a cancer hallmark. We studied chromosome 7 copy number variation in gliomas and in primary cultures derived from them. We found tumor heterogeneity with cells having Chr7-CNV commonly occurs in gliomas, with a higher percentage of cells in high-grade gliomas carrying more than 2 copies of Chr7, as compared to low-grade gliomas. Interestingly, all Chr7-aneuploid cell types in the parental culture of established glioma cell lines reappeared in single-cell-…Read more