Cambridge University
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
PhD, 2022
San Diego, California, United States of America
  •  804
    Are human races cladistic subspecies?
    South African Journal of Philosophy 34 (2): 163-174. 2015.
    In the article titled ‘A new perspective on the race debate’,Robin O. Andreasen argues that contrary to popular scientific belief, human races are biologically real—it is just that we are wrong about them. Andreasen calls her contemporary biological concept of race ‘the cladistic race concept’ (or CRC). Her theory uses theory from cladistics—a systematic school founded by entomologist Willi Hennig in 1950—to define human races genealogically as cladistic subspecies. In this paper I will argue th…Read more
  •  65
    Is Science Racist?
    International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 31 (3): 319-321. 2017.
  •  53
    Global Epistemologies and Philosophies of Science (edited book)
    with Inkeri Koskinen, David Ludwig, Luana Poliseli, and Luis Reyes-Galindo
    Routledge. 2021.
    In bringing together a global community of philosophers, Global Epistemologies and Philosophies of Science develops novel perspectives on epistemology and philosophy of science by demonstrating how frameworks from academic philosophy (e.g. standpoint theory, social epistemology, feminist philosophy of science) and related fields (e.g. decolonial studies, transdisciplinarity, global history of science) can contribute to critical engagement with global dimensions of knowledge and science. Global c…Read more
  • On local medical traditions
    In Inkeri Koskinen, David Ludwig, Zinhle Mncube, Luana Poliseli & Luis Reyes-Galindo (eds.), Global Epistemologies and Philosophies of Science, Routledge. 2021.