PhilPeople is a project of the PhilPapers Foundation directed by David Bourget (Western) and David Chalmers (NYU). PhilPeople is run out of the Centre for Digital Philosophy at Western. It is part of the Phil* ecosystem that includes PhilPapers, PhilEvents, PhilJobs: Jobs for Philosophers (jointly run with the APA), and PhilArchive.

The primary funding for PhilPeople comes from the PhilPapers Foundation, which receives most of its funding from institutional subscriptions to PhilPapers.

PhilPeople benefited from seed funding in 2013-2015 from the American Philosophical Association. We are grateful for this generous contribution of the APA. We are also grateful to the APA for letting us invite individuals listed on the UPDirectory to be included in PhilPeople with their demographic data.

We would also like to thank the following other contributors:

  • The Committee for the Status of Women in philosophy of the American Philosophical Association for providing the initial impetus for this project.
  • The editors of the Philosophical Gourmet Report for sharing their faculty lists for the 2018 report.
  • The University of Western Ontario and its Department of Philosophy for ongoing support with space, IT infrastructure, and research assistants.
  • Cecilia Li and Mark Hallap for their excellent data collection work.
  • Angela Mendelovici (Western) for her frequent and always helpful input.
  • Our many beta testers for their helpful feedback.