University of Pittsburgh
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 1972
New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America
  •  91
    Self-Interest and Self-Concern
    Social Philosophy and Policy 14 (1): 158. 1997.
    In what follows I consider whether the idea of a person's interest or good might be better understood through that of care or concern for that person for her sake, rather than conversely, as is ordinarily assumed. Contrary to desire-satisfaction theories of interest, such an account can explain why not everything a person rationally desires is part of her good, since what a person sensibly wants is not necessarily what we would sensibly want, insofar as we care about her. First, however, a tale:…Read more
  •  78
    Grotius at the Creation of Modern Moral Philosophy
    Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 94 (3): 296-325. 2012.
  •  97
    Why Ethics is Part of Philosophy
    The Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy 1 19-28. 1999.
    Ethics is frequently divided into three parts: metaethics, normative ethical theory, and the more specific normative ethics. However, only metaethics is explicitly philosophical insofar as it is concerned with fundamental questions about the content, objects, and status of ethical thought and discourse. During the heyday of conceptual analysis, philosophers were admonished to restrict themselves entirely to metaethics. Since, it was said, they lacked any special expertise as philosophers on norm…Read more
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    Moral Discourse and Practice: Some Philosophical Approaches (edited book)
    with Allan Gibbard and Peter Railton
    Oxford University Press USA. 1996.
    What are ethical judgments about? And what is their relation to practice? How can ethical judgment aspire to objectivity? The past two decades have witnessed a resurgence of interest in metaethics, placing questions such as these about the nature and status of ethical judgment at the very center of contemporary moral philosophy. Moral Discourse and Practice: Some Philosophical Approaches is a unique anthology which collects important recent work, much of which is not easily available elsewhere, …Read more
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    Reply to Griffin, Raz, and wolf
    Utilitas 18 (4): 434-444. 2006.
    I am honored that Jim Griffin, Joseph Raz, and Susan Wolf, all of whose work I greatly admire, have thought my ideas on welfare and care worth engaging, and I am very grateful to them for doing so. Each has raised searching and difficult questions. Rather than attempting to respond to them seriatim, I propose to discuss the issues under three broad headings: questions about the concept of welfare, questions about care or sympathetic concern, and the question of whether welfare claims have agent-…Read more
  •  51
    Equal Freedom: selected Tanner lectures on human values
    University of Michigan Press. 1995.
    Issues at the major fault-line of political beliefs and debates.