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    Different realistic attitudes towards wavefunctions and quantum states are as old as quantum theory itself. Recently Pusey, Barret and Rudolph on the one hand, and Auletta and Tarozzi on the other, have proposed new interesting arguments in favor of a broad realistic interpretation of quantum mechanics that can be considered the modern heir to some views held by the fathers of quantum theory. In this paper we give a new and detailed presentation of such arguments, propose a new taxonomy of diffe…Read more
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    The paper presents a thorough exploration of the problem of persistence in a relativistic context. Using formal methods such as mereology, formal theories of location and the so called intrinsic formulation of special relativity we provide a new, more rigorous and more comprehensive taxonomy of persisting entities. This new taxonomy differs significantly from the ones that are present in the recent literature
  •  17
    with Roberto Poli, Luigi Dappiano, and Sandro Bertoni
    Axiomathes 4 (1): 141-154. 1993.
  • "Strutture dello spazio tra fisica e psicologia" Teorie e Modelli XII, III (edited book)
    with Mauro Antonelli
    Pitagora. 2007.
  •  702
    Complessità e Riduzionismo
    with Enrico Giannetto, Giulia Giannini, and Pierluigi Graziani
    ISONOMIA - Epistemologica Series Editor. 2012.
    The enormous increasing of connections between people and the noteworthy enlargement of domains and methods in sciences have augmented extraordinarily the cardinality of the set of meaningful human symbols. We know that complexity is always on the way to become complication, i.e. a non-tractable topic. For this reason scholars engage themselves more and more in attempting to tame plurality and chaos. In this book distinguished scientists, philosophers and historians of science reflect on the top…Read more
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    Holism as an empirically meaningful metaphysical hypothesis
    with Claudio Calosi and Gino Tarozzi
    Epistemologia. forthcoming.
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    A draft of a possible comparison between the use made of mathematics in classical field theories and in quantum mechanics is presented. Hilbert’s space formalism, although not only elegant and powerful but intuitive as well, does not give us a spatio-temporal representation of physical events. The picture of the electromagnetic field as an entity which is real in itself– i.e., as a wave without support – fostered by the emergence of special relativity can be…Read more
  • The Categories of Consciousness: Brentano's Epistemology
    Brentano Studien 4 101-130. 1993.
    The present investigation reformulates a few Brentanian ideas concerning what is mental. In particular, an attempt to define the categorial structure implicit in the notion of consciousness and in that of inner perception, keeping in mind their connections with external perception and with unconscious, is outlined. Within the mental field is observed a formal violation of some elementary rules of ontology and mereology, and such violation can be interpreted in terms of an infinite multiplicity o…Read more
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    Non-Materiality of Non-Locality
    Foundations of Physics 34 (12): 2005-2013. 2004.
    In the present paper we show that in a certain sense the violation of Bell’s inequality does not entail a real non-locality. We define materiality as the capacity to be modified; and it results that in the case of the singlet state the non-locality previewed by quantum mechanics and experimentally confirmed is not material
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    Abstract: It seems that from an epistemological point of view comparative probability has many advantages with respect to a probability measure. It is more reasonable as an evaluation of degrees of rational beliefs. It allows the formulation of a comparative indifference principle free from well known paradoxes. Moreover it makes it possible to weaken the principal principle, so that it becomes more reasonable. But the logical systems of comparative probability do not admit an adequate probabili…Read more
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    Oltre la fisica normale. Interpretazioni alternative e teorie non standard nella fisica moderna (edited book)
    with Isabella Tassani, Gino Tarozzi, Alessandro Afriat, Gennaro Auletta, Stefano Bordoni, Marco Buzzoni, Claudio Calosi, Alberto Cappi, Giovanni Macchia, Fabio Minazzi, and Arcangelo Rossi
    ISONOMIA - Epistemologica. 2013.
    Nella sua straordinaria opera scientifica, Franco Selleri si è sempre opposto alla rinuncia alla comprensione della struttura della realtà e della natura degli oggetti fisici, che egli considera come l’elemento caratterizzante delle principali teorie della fisica del Novecento e che è stata stigmatizzata da Karl Popper come tesi della “fine della strada in fisica”. Sin dalla fine degli anni ’60, egli ha sviluppato quella riflessione critica nei confronti delle teorie fondamentali della fisica mo…Read more
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    This collection focuses on the ontology of space and time. It is centred on the idea that the issues typically encountered in this area must be tackled from a multifarious perspective, paying attention to both a priori and a posteriori considerations. Several experts in this area contribute to this volume: G. Landini discusses how Russell’s conception of time features in his general philosophical perspective;D. Dieks proposes a middle course between substantivalist and relationist accounts of sp…Read more