Université Paris Nanterre
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    Preuves et jeux sémantiques
    Philosophia Scientae 8 105-123. 2004.
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    Inexact Knowledge with Introspection
    Journal of Philosophical Logic 38 (2): 179-227. 2009.
    This paper supersedes an ealier version, entitled "A Non-Standard Semantics for Inexact Knowledge with Introspection", which appeared in the Proceedings of "Rationality and Knowledge". The definition of token semantics, in particular, has been modified, both for the single- and the multi-agent case.
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    Carnap's criterion of logicality
    In Pierre Wagner (ed.), Carnap's Logical Syntax of Language, Palgrave-macmillan. 2009.
    Providing a principled characterization of the distinction between logical and non-logical expressions is a longstanding issue in the philosophy of logic. In the Logical Syntax of Language, Carnap proposes a syntactic solution to this problem, which aims at grounding the claim that logic and mathematics are analytic. Roughly speaking, his idea is that logic and mathematics correspond to the largest part of science for which it is possible to completely specify by "syntactic" means which sentence…Read more
  • Willard von Orman Quine
    with Sandra Laugier, Layla RAÏD, Fabrice Pataut, and Roger Schmit
    Archives de Philosophie 71 (4). 2008.