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    Applying new theories about rights to pressing social issues, A Holistic Approach to Rights suggests major changes are needed in the ways we think about rights and formulating social policy
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    With virtue for all: Against the democratic theory of virtue
    Southwest Philosophy Review 5 (1): 71-76. 1989.
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    Supervision and the Logic of Resentment
    Philosophy of Management 9 (2): 65-80. 2010.
    Because resentment features prominently in work relations, supervisors should understand the nature of such emotions and how to address them. Popular wisdom’s insistence that emotions cannot be rationally assessed is mistaken. Emotions are judgments embodied in perceptions, dispositions, and “raw feels,” that reflect one’s worldview. At the core of paradigmatic resentment is the moral judgment that someone has betrayed one by unfairly rejecting one in a waythat shows ill-will. Non-paradigmatic r…Read more