•  12
    Elizabeth Costello and the Biography of the Moral Philosopher
    Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 69 (2): 209-220. 2011.
  •  88
    Underdetermination and the explanation of theory-acceptance: A response to Samir Okasha
    International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 14 (3). 2000.
    After a thorough examination of the claim that "the underdetermination of theory by evidence forces us to seek sociological explanations of scientists' cognitive choices", Samir Okasha concludes that the only significant problem with this argument is that the thesis of underdetermination is not adequately supported. Against Okasha, I argue (1) that there is a very good reason to question the inference from the underdetermination of a theory to a sociological account of that theory's acceptance, …Read more