• Edward Caird
    In Leemon McHenry, P. Dematteis & P. Fosl (eds.), Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale, Bruccoli Clark Layman. pp. 262--61. 2002.
  • Power, alienation and performativity in capitalist societies
    European Journal of Social Theory 14 (2): 161-179. 2011.
    The article presents a model of performative agency in capitalist societies. The first section reconsiders the problem of third-dimensional power as developed by Steven Lukes, focusing on the relationships between universal human needs and social forms. The second section uses the concepts of the ‘self’, ‘I’ and ‘person’ to characterize the relationships between human nature, affect, individual alienation, social institutions and personal judgement. Alienation is argued to be inherent in human a…Read more
  • TH Green
    In Leemon McHenry, P. Dematteis & P. Fosl (eds.), British Philosophers, 1800-2000, Bruccoli Clark Layman. pp. 262--95. 2002.
  • This book presents a critical reconstruction of the social and political facets of Thomas Hill Green’s liberal socialism. It explores the complex relationships Green sees between human nature, personal freedom, the common good, rights and the state. It explores Green’s analysis of free exchange, his critique of capitalism and his defence of trade union activity and the cooperative movement. It establishes that Green gives only grudging support to welfarism, which he saw as a conservative mechani…Read more