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    'A foundation of chaff'? A critique of Bentham's metaphysics, 1813-16
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 12 (4). 2004.
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  • TH Green
    In Leemon McHenry, P. Dematteis & P. Fosl (eds.), British Philosophers, 1800-2000, Bruccoli Clark Layman. pp. 262--95. 2002.
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    Performativity and the Intellectual Historian's Re-enactment of Written Works
    Journal of the Philosophy of History 3 (2): 167-186. 2009.
    This article develops and defends a performative conception of historical re-enactment as a fruitful method by which intellectual historians can interpret texts. Specifically, it argues that, in order to understand properly any given text, the intellectual historian should re-enact the performative activities of the writer of that text. The first section analyses one of the most influential and powerful theories of historical re-enactment, namely that found in the later writings of Robin George …Read more