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    End games: Euthanasia under interminable scrutiny
    Bioethics 19 (5-6): 523-536. 2005.
    It is increasingly asserted that the disagreements of abstract principle between adversaries in the euthanasia debate fail to account for the complex, particular and ambiguous experiences of people at the end of their lives. A greater research effort into experiences, meaning, connection, vulnerability and motivation is advocated, during which the euthanasia 'question' should remain open. I argue that this is a normative strategy, which is felicitous to the status quo and further medicalises the…Read more
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    Shanachie and Norm
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 9 (2): 215-216. 2012.
    Shanachie and Norm Content Type Journal Article Category Case Studies Pages 1-2 DOI 10.1007/s11673-012-9356-0 Authors Malcolm Parker, School of Medicine, The University of Queensland, 288 Herston Road, Herston, QLD 4006, Australia Journal Journal of Bioethical Inquiry Online ISSN 1872-4353 Print ISSN 1176-7529
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    The materials consist of a co-authored, peer-reviewed book, a co-authored, peer-reviewed book chapter, 30 single authored peer-reviewed journal papers, and 15 co-authored peer-reviewed journal papers, of which I was the lead author on 8 papers. There are 32 papers from Australasian journals, at least two of which are also regarded as international. 22 papers are published in international journals. The co-authored book was favourably described in his foreword by Justice Michael Kirby of the High…Read more
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    Monday 7 a.m.: One of Five Pieces
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 11 (2): 137-137. 2014.
    I found a manin a roomsprawl awkwardat a dying angletickingat his bed’s endat his life’s endpast the end of his witsand his wife’sin a roomround the end of their lives.He trembled his vows againheld his cachectic bellepast her life’s endtheir last toast the mercy kill.I found himticking slowlyshe colddeliveredwaiting on his life.His survivalobliging inquiryof motiveof methodI hurriedhim off to hergentlest of homicides.Two mounds in a room, coolingpast fear, post suicide
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    In that case
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 4 (1): 387-388. 2007.
    In that Case Content Type Journal Article DOI 10.1007/s11673-010-9261-3 Authors Malcolm Parker, School of Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Journal Journal of Bioethical Inquiry Online ISSN 1872-4353 Print ISSN 1176-7529
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    Book review: Humane medicine by Miles Little (review)
    Bioethics 11 (1): 80-83. 1997.
    No abstract
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    Republication: In that Case
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 8 (1): 97-98. 2011.
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    In That Case: To Report or Not to Report: That Is the Question
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 8 (3): 313-314. 2011.
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    Experiments in clinical ethics: Review essay
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 30 (4): 323-333. 2009.
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    Two concepts of empirical ethics
    Bioethics 23 (4): 202-213. 2009.
    The turn to empirical ethics answers two calls. The first is for a richer account of morality than that afforded by bioethical principlism, which is cast as excessively abstract and thin on the facts. The second is for the facts in question to be those of human experience and not some other, unworldly realm. Empirical ethics therefore promises a richer naturalistic ethics, but in fulfilling the second call it often fails to heed the metaethical requirements related to the first. Empirical ethics…Read more
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    Whither our art? Clinical wisdom and evidence-based medicine
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 5 (3): 273-280. 2002.
    The relationship between evidence-based medicine (EBM) and clinical judgement is the subject of conceptual and practical dispute. For example, EBM and clinical guidelines are seen to increasingly dominate medical decision-making at the expense of other, human elements, and to threaten the art of medicine. Clinical wisdom always remains open to question. We want to know why particular beliefs are held, and the epistemological status of claims based in wisdom or experience. The paper critically ap…Read more
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    Republication: In that case (review)
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 4 (2): 373-373. 2007.
    Republication: In That Case Content Type Journal Article DOI 10.1007/s11673-010-9264-0 Authors Malcolm Parker, School of Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Journal Journal of Bioethical Inquiry Online ISSN 1872-4353 Print ISSN 1176-7529
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    Misconceiving Medical Leadership
    Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 56 (3): 387-406. 2013.
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    Vaccination Day: Three of Five Pieces
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 11 (2): 161-161. 2014.
    They enterin curves and stoopslimping and tappinga file of bare armscreased faces upliftedred eyelids poutingeyes curtained in cataract.The syringes are magazined at his hip.A pinch of skinin a chill autumn morninga stinging spreads outat the borders of shouldersthe grim supplicationfor all his attentionthe trembling smileon his remembering a name.Swabs spent in bucketsthe names all collecteda shifting and amblingacross the lawns to their liveson small porchesand in dim echoing cells.Washing his…Read more
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    Blowing the virtue-ethics whistle: Response to Faunce
    Monash Bioethics Review 23 (4): 56-59. 2004.
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    Republication: In That Case
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 7 (4): 373-373. 2010.
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    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 4 (1): 29-31. 2007.
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    In That Case
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 7 (2): 273-273. 2010.
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    Ethics of research involving humans: uniform processes for disparate categories?
    with Jim Holt, Graeme Turner, and Jack Broerse
    Monash Bioethics Review 22 (3): 50-65. 2003.
    The Australian Health Ethics Committee’s National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans expanded the health and medical focus of preceding statements by including all disciplines of research. The Statement purports to promote a uniformly high ethical standard for this expanded range of research, and is endorsed by, inter alia, the Australian Academy of the Humanities, the Australian Academy of Science, and the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.High ethical standards sho…Read more
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    The convergence of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and evidence-based medicine (EBM) is a prominent feature of healthcare in western countries, but it is currently undertheorised, and its implications have been insufficiently considered. Two models of convergence are described – the totally integrated evidence-based model (TI) and the multicultural-pluralistic model (MP). Both models are being incorporated into general medical practice. Against the background of the reasons for the …Read more
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    An Anonymous Death: Five of Five Pieces
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 11 (2): 181-181. 2014.
    An Anonymous DeathThe comet, a white haired traveller, hauls its tail behind, thereby hangs its tale. Its particulate history swings away into black time as it skirts you.A million times a million fissions, fires in Andromeda, a surge of ice across a steppe, the moon’s impacted skin. Events escape their birth and move out at the roar of light, hurtling endlessly nowhere and everywhere colliding stray worlds, spinning and groping.At night through cat’s eye domes watchmen on the world’s clearest r…Read more
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    Republication: In that Case
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 4 (2): 151-151. 2007.