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    The problem of interpreting music’s function or role is scrutinized by grounding music’s significance through a selected reading of Platonic philosophy and a reinterpretation of the concept of “pharmakon” familiar to ancient Greeks, and in particular, the Athenians. Views on both mousike and the artistic practice of music in that era are taken into account. The “pharmakon” is analyzed through a concept of love as a harmonizing force and a variety of contexts are explicated, showing that it conce…Read more
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    This paper assumes that aesthetic judgements are irrational in nature. Judges and music experts often provide us with a description of their experiences as well as assessments, and thus set standards for beauty and skill. These assessments have an axionormative character. They can be evaluated by analyzing the statements made which describe the subjective and individual experiences that justify the judgment, or with the methods of heterophenomenology - proposed by Daniel Dennett - as well as thr…Read more
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    Towards Behavioral Aesthetics
    Polish Journal of Aesthetics 52 (1): 95-111. 2019.
    This article presents a new approach to studying aesthetics by weaving together a thread of ideas based on investigating the problematics of the philosophy of art from a behavioral paradigm in order to exceed the margins of aesthetics. I claim that it makes no sense to ask if something is art, but rather we should be looking out into the manners in which art subsists, consists, and insists itself. Several notions of what I call behavioral aesthetics are proposed such as observation, aesthetic ex…Read more
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    Filtration Failure: On Selection for Societal Sanity
    Kultura I Historia 34 (2): 72-89. 2018.
    This paper focuses on the question of filtration through the perspective of “too much information”. It concerns Western society within the context of new media and digital culture. The main aim of this paper is to apply a philosophical reading on the video game concept of Selection for Societal Sanity within the problematics of cultural filtration, control of behaviors and desire, and a problematization of trans-individuation that the selected narrative conveys. The idea of Selection for Societa…Read more
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    The process of decision making is predictable and irrational according to Daniel Ariely and other economic behaviorists, historians, and philosophers such as Daniel Kahneman or Yuval Noah Harari. Decisions made anteriorly can be, but don’t have to be, present in the actions of a person. Stories and shared belief in myths, especially those that arise from a system of human norms and values and are based on a belief in a “supernatural” order (religion) are important. Because of this, mass cooperat…Read more
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    Regarding the place of humans in a time of post-media I take into consideration the function of new technology and fictional information on human, embodied, and consequentially emotive forms of evaluating truth and messages conveyed, especially ones sent via the Internet. The main aim of this essay is to argue for the critical role played by post-media understood as digital technology in disseminating and co-creating post-truth conditions mediating human relationships horizontally (peer-to-peer,…Read more
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    Hermeneutyka artystyczna
    Sztuka, Polityka, Pieniądze. Sytuacja Artysty W Świecie Współczesnym. 2015.
    Artykuł poruszać będzie zagadnienia dotyczące sposobu definiowania artysty oraz istnienie artystów w kontekście historycznym, ontologicznym i filozoficznym. Autor rozważy także dylematy moralne i etyczne, dotyczące statusu dzieła, jak i problemy estetyczne odniesione do „standaryzacji” dzieł według wzorca produktów i języka biznesowego. Udowodni, że żaden współczesny człowiek w istocie nie potrafi zrobić „kanapki” jako jednostka. Wytwory artystyczne są w podobnej sytuacji. Status quo jest w proc…Read more
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    Seeing with Ears, Hearing with Eyes. How Technology Molds Synesthesia Within Us The subject of consideration within this lecture is the contribution of existing scientific discoveries on the visual and musical connection within the perceptual plane. Points of reference are the studies of Amir Amedi, Jacob Jolij and Maaieke Meurs, Harry McGurk, as well as, the works of Iwona Sowińska, Roger Scruton, Oliver Sacks, and a cultural analysis of Joshua Bell’s performance. I will also consider how the s…Read more
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    Imagined Hierarchies as Conditionals of Gender in Aesthetics
    Estetyka I Krytyka 41 (2): 135-154. 2016.
    The attributes of gender in the media are disputable. This can be explained by a conflict generated by culturally acquired alternative imagined hierarchies which are not compatible or may be even contradictory. This article is a philosophical enquiry that examines the representation of gender and the environment in which it is conditioned.