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    Persuasion as tool of education: The Wittgensteinian case
    Educational Philosophy and Theory 53 (6): 624-633. 2020.
    In this paper, I aim to explore what role persuasion plays in the early education of children. Advocating Wittgenstein, I claim that persuasion involves imparting to a pupil about a particular world-picture by showing rather than explaining. This because we cannot introduce a child to the hinges of a world-picture through a discursive argument. I will employ the remarks of Wittgenstein in On Certainty to define what persuasion is. I will make use of the notes regarding seeing-an-aspect from the …Read more
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    Persuasion as tool of education: The Wittgensteinian case
    Tandf: Educational Philosophy and Theory 1-10. forthcoming.
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    The later Wittgenstein’s guide to contradictions
    Synthese 198 (4): 3783-3799. 2019.
    This paper portrays the later Wittgenstein’s conception of contradictions and his therapeutic approach to them. I will focus on and give relevance to the Lectures on the Foundations of Mathematics, plus the Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics. First, I will explain why Wittgenstein’s attitude towards contradictions is rooted in: a rejection of the debate about realism and anti-realism in mathematics; and Wittgenstein’s endorsement of logical pluralism. Then, I will explain Wittgenstein’s t…Read more