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    Scharding on Non-Centrally Regulated Currencies and Price Volatility
    Business Ethics Journal Review 9 (8): 47-53. 2021.
    Tobey Scharding claims that Bitcoin’s lack of a central regulator makes it open to price fluctuations. I argue that a currency not having a central regulator does not necessitate it being more volatile than centrally regulated currencies. First, I argue that Scharding’s reason for suggesting that Bitcoin is open to price fluctuations – its potential to face legal restrictions – is also faced by centrally regulated currencies. Second, I use silver in London as an example of a non-centrally regula…Read more
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    This thesis discusses the legitimacy of fractional-reserve banking under the title-transfer theory of contract. Fractional-reserve banking is the practice of banks lending out some of the money that is deposited with them. This can be contrasted to a 100% reserve system in which all deposited funds are held by the bank at all times. The title-transfer theory of contract posits that all contracts are the exchange of title to some piece of property and that all title to a particular piece of prope…Read more