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    Nutrient dynamics of the southern and northern BOREAS boreal forests
    with S. E. Trumbore, S. T. Gower, J. Campbell, J. Vogel, H. Veldhuis, J. Harden, J. M. Norman, and C. J. Kucharik
    The objective of this study was to compare nutrient concentration, distribution, and select components of nutrient budgets for aspen, jack pine, and black spruce forest ecosystems at the BOReal Ecosystem Atmosphere Study, southern and northern study areas near Candle Lake, Saskatchewan and Thompson, Manitoba, Canada, respectively. The vegetation in the aspen, black spruce, and jack pine stands contained 70-79%, 53-54%, and 58-67% of total ecosystem carbon content, respectively. Soil nitrogen, ca…Read more
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    The Semantic Significance of Donnellan's Referential/Attributive Distinction
    Dissertation, University of Toronto (Canada). 1997.
    In "Reference and Definite Descriptions", Keith Donnellan introduces the notion of referential and attributive uses of definite descriptions--phrases such as "the author of Waverly". Here and in subsequent papers he argues that Russell's Theory of Descriptions is inadequate as a semantic analysis for all uses of definite descriptions. According to Russell's theory, definite descriptions are quantifier phrases, not singular terms. Donnellan's arguments suggest that definite descriptions are ambig…Read more
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    Defining Science: A Rhetoric of Demarcation
    Review of Metaphysics 51 (4): 961-962. 1998.