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    Trope theory and the Bradley regress
    Synthese 175 (3): 311-326. 2010.
    Trope theory is the view that the world is a world of abstract particular qualities. But if all there is are tropes, how do we account for the truth of propositions ostensibly made true by some concrete particular? A common answer is that concrete particulars are nothing but tropes in compresence. This answer seems vulnerable to an argument (first presented by F. H. Bradley) according to which any attempt to account for the nature of relations will end up either in contradiction, nonsense, or wi…Read more
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    Realistic Metaphysics An interview with D. H. Mellor
    with Johannes Persson
    Theoria 67 (2): 96-113. 2001.
    This article is the text of an interview with D. H. Mellor conducted in Cambridge on 30 May 2001 by Anna-Sofia Maurin and Johannes Persson for the philosophical journal Theoria.
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    To the Editor of Theoria
    with Gustaf Arrhenius, Ingar Brinck, Kathrin Glüer-Pagin, Lena Halldenius, Anna-Sofia Maurin, Folke Tersman, and Åsa Wikforss
    Theoria 77 (3): 198-198. 2011.
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    Does Ontology Matter?
    In Simone Gozzano & Francesco Orilia (eds.), Tropes, Universals and the Philosophy of Mind, De Gruyter. pp. 31-56. 2008.
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    States of Affairs and the Relation Regress
    In Gabriele Galluzzo, Michael Loux & Jonathan Lowe (eds.), The Problem of Universals in Contemporary Philosophy, Oxford University Press. 2013.