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    Increased expression of neutrophil-related genes in patients with early sepsis-induced ARDS
    with K. N. Kangelaris, A. Prakash, K. D. Liu, B. Aouizerat, P. G. Woodruff, D. J. Erle, E. J. Seeley, J. Chu, T. Liu, T. Osterberg-Deiss, H. Zhuo, M. A. Matthay, and C. S. Calfee
    © 2015 the American Physiological Society. The early sequence of events leading to the development of the acute respiratory distress syndrome in patients with sepsis remains inadequately understood. The purpose of this study was to identify changes in gene expression early in the course of illness, when mechanisms of injury may provide the most relevant treatment and prognostic targets. We collected whole blood RNA in critically ill patients admitted from the Emergency Department to the intensiv…Read more