My Survey Responses

Survey Prompt Response
Main Questions
A priori knowledge Accept: no
Abstract objects Accept: Platonism
Aesthetic value Skipped
Aim of philosophy Accept: understanding
Analytic-synthetic distinction There is no fact of the matter
Chinese room Accept: doesn't understand
Eating animals and animal products Accept: omnivorism (yes and yes)
Epistemic justification Accept: externalism
Experience machine Accept: yes
External world Accept: non-skeptical realism
Footbridge Accept: push
Free will Accept: compatibilism
Gender There is no fact of the matter
God Accept: atheism
Interlevel metaphysics Accept: identity
Kant Insufficiently familiar with the issue
Knowledge Lean towards: empiricism
Knowledge claims Accept: contextualism
Laws of nature Accept: Humean
Logic Accept: classical
Meaning of life Accept: subjective
Mental content Lean towards: internalism
Meta-ethics There is no fact of the matter
Metaphilosophy Accept: naturalism
Mind Accept: physicalism
Mind uploading Lean towards: survival
Moral judgment Skipped
Moral motivation Lean towards: externalism
Newcomb's problem The question is too unclear to answer
Normative concepts Lean towards: value
Normative ethics Skipped
Other minds Accept a combination of answers:
  • Accept adult humans
  • Accept cats
  • Neutral towards fish
  • Lean against flies
  • Lean against worms
  • Reject plants
  • Reject particles
  • Lean towards newborn babies
  • Reject current AI systems
  • Lean towards future AI systems
Perceptual experience Agnostic/undecided
Personal identity Lean towards: further-fact view
Philosophical methods Accept a combination of answers:
  • Lean against linguistic philosophy
  • Neutral towards experimental philosophy
  • Neutral towards conceptual analysis
  • Lean towards conceptual engineering
  • Lean against intuition-based philosophy
  • Neutral towards empirical philosophy
  • Lean towards formal philosophy
  • Accept Scientific philosophy
Philosophical progress Accept: a little
Political philosophy Accept: communitarianism
Proper names Accept: Millian
Properties Accept: classes
Race Lean towards: biological
Response to external-world skepticism Accept: pragmatic
Science Lean towards: scientific realism
Statue and lump There is no fact of the matter
Teletransporter Accept: survival
Time Accept: B-theory
Trolley problem Lean towards: switch
True contradictions Accept: impossible
Truth Accept: deflationary
Vagueness Accept: semantic
Zombies Lean towards: conceivable but not metaphysically possible