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    In Defense of National Climate Change Responsibility: A Reply to the Fairness Objection
    Philosophy and Public Affairs 49 (2): 115-155. 2021.
    Philosophy & Public Affairs, EarlyView.
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    Transparency and openness are broadly endorsed in energy and environmental modelling and analysis, but too little attention is given to the transparency of value-laden assumptions. Current practices for transparency focus on making model source code and data available, documenting key equations and parameter values, and ensuring replicability of results. We argue that, even when followed, these guidelines are insufficient for achieving deep transparency, in the sense that results often remain dr…Read more
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    Debating Science: Deliberation, Values, and the Common Good (edited book)
    with Dane Scott
    Prometheus Books. 2011.
    Scholars and experts focus on the larger moral context around the controversies over scientific research and technological innovations with accessible essays, original to this volume, which emphasize ethical deliberation rather than adversarial debate.