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    Justifying Resistance to Immigration Law: The Case of Mere Noncompliance
    Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 2 (31): 459-481. 2018.
    Constitutional democracies unilaterally enact the laws that regulate immigration to their territories. When are would-be migrants to a constitutional democracy morally justified in breaching such laws? Receiving states also typically enact laws that require their existing citizens to participate in the implementation of immigration restrictions. When are the individual citizens of a constitutional democracy morally justified in breaching such laws? In this article, I take up these questions conc…Read more
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    Joseph H. Carens, The Ethics of Immigration (review)
    Social Theory and Practice 42 (3): 661-668. 2016.
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    Justice in Labor Immigration Policy
    Social Theory and Practice 42 (4): 817-844. 2016.
    I provide an alternative to the two prevailing accounts of justice in immigration policy, the free migration view and the state discretion view. Against the background of an internationalist conception of domestic and global justice that grounds special duties of justice between co-citizens in their shared participation in a distinctive scheme of social cooperation, I defend three principles of justice to guide labor immigration policy: the Difference Principle, the Duty of Beneficence, and the …Read more