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    Moral responsiveness in pediatric research ethics
    American Journal of Bioethics 3 (4). 2003.
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  • Moral Attention: Toward a Liberationist Ethics of Everyday Life
    Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. 1998.
    I develop and critique the notions of moral attention as derived by Simone Weil and Iris Murdoch, in order to transform the notion of moral attention and its moral-epistemic commitments into ones which are more tenable. I link this transformed conception of moral attention to current thought on 'constitutive luck' , how chance contributes to who we are and to who we become. In particular, I focus upon our 'social locations,' our positions as embodied particular beings within specific cultures, h…Read more
  • Contrary to the popular belief that feminism has gained a foothold in the many disciplines of the academy, the essays collected in Theorizing Backlash argue that feminism is still actively resisted in mainstream academia. Contributors to this volume consider the professional, philosophical, and personal backlashes against feminist thought, and reflect upon their ramifications. The conclusion is that the disdain and irrational resentment of feminism, even in higher education, amounts to a backlas…Read more