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    Heritable Genome Editing in a Global Context: National and International Policy Challenges
    with Achim Rosemann, Adam Balen, Brigitte Nerlich, Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner, Sarah Hartley, Xinqing Zhang, and Nick Lee
    Hastings Center Report 49 (3): 30-42. 2019.
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    The history and context of the public policy regarding stem cell research in the European Union are complex. The regulations respond to and aim to realize political and economic goals across a large region that is culturally diverse, as well as addressing moral judgments on a contested emerging area of research. This history and context are relevant for the arguments developed here in relation to autologous stem cell research and how it is affected by those regulations.The EU is currently an ope…Read more
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    Science in touch: Functions of biomedical terminology (review)
    Biology and Philosophy 20 (4): 815-835. 2005.
    Scientists’ language use in communication to or with the public has often been criticised as merely strategic. This article explores three terms employed in stem cell and genomic research, to support the hypothesis that biomedical terminology is heavily influenced by different legal, cultural, and ethical backgrounds in different societies. The word ‘pre-embryo’ has never been part of any acceptable official rhetoric in Germany but was important in Britain. The ‘toti-’, ‘pluri-’, or ‘multipotenc…Read more
  • Natur als Grenzbegriff kultureller Machbarkeit
    In Maurer M. & Höll O. (eds.), Natur Als Politikum, Rli. pp. 175--194. 2003.
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    This article aims to show how the traditions of ethical reasoning and policy-making shape stem cell research in Britain. To do so I give a detailed account of the earlier developments of regulations on embryo research and the specific scientific advances made in Britain. The subsequent regulation of stem cell research was largely predetermined by those structures and the different and partly opposing orientations of a utilitarian approach to policies on biomedicine. The setting up of the first s…Read more