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    Hippocrates at phaedrus 270c
    Pacific Philosophical Quarterly. forthcoming.
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    The Philosopher-Ruler: From Theory to Action
    Southwest Philosophy Review 26 (1): 225-232. 2010.
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    An Examination of Plato’s Chora
    Environment, Space, Place 7 (1): 7-27. 2015.
    In the Timaeus, Plato’s creation story, Plato describes an entity he refers to as the chora. The Greek word chora is translated as place, room, or space, but Plato’s descriptions of the chora are so notoriously enigmatic that there is disagreement about what, exactly, he intends to indicate by it. In this paper, I address an interpretation of the chora according to which the chora is a kind of cosmic mirror. I argue that this interpretation results in an uncharitable reading of Plato’s explanati…Read more
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    Using Small Group Learning in the Philosophy Classroom
    Teaching Philosophy 36 (2): 137-159. 2013.
    I advocate the use of small group learning in the philosophy classroom because it engages a broad cross-section of students and because it proves to be an effective way to teach critical thinking. In this article, I suggest small group activities that are useful for developing philosophical skills, and I propose methods for circumventing common logistical problems that can arise when implementing small group learning in the classroom. Ultimately, I show that small group learning is a pedagogical…Read more
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    What is Plato’s Epistemic Worry About Phantasia?
    Southwest Philosophy Review 32 (2): 61-67. 2016.