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    Process ontology is making deep inroads into the hard sciences. For it offers a workable understanding of dynamic phenomena which sits well with inquiries that problematize the traditional conception of self-standing, definite, independent objects as the basic stuff of the universe. Process-based approaches are claimed by their advocates to yield better ontological descriptions of various domains of physical reality in which dynamical, indefinite activities are prior to definite “things” or “sta…Read more
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    Renormalization group methods: Which kind of explanation?
    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 95 (C): 158-166. 2022.
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    How Does an Entity Acquire Identity? Reassembling Relativistic Physics with Actor-Network Theory
    with Mariano Croce
    Foundations of Science 27 (3): 1055-1071. 2022.
    What is it that determines the identity of an entity? Processualism is a theoretical perspective that offers a startling answer to this question. The identity of an entity—whether human or nonhuman, animate or inanimate—depends on the set of relations in which this entity is located. And as the sets of relations are several, so are the identities that an entity can take. This article discusses this conclusion by integrating processual accounts from different fields of inquiry, such as relativist…Read more
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    Adynamism in Physics: The Block Universe vs Barbour’s Relational Strategy
    Journal for General Philosophy of Science / Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie 1-18. forthcoming.
    The block universe is generally considered as the metaphysical position that best accommodates the outcomes of relativistic physics. Its most consistent formulation postulates a static universe where change is not admitted. However, some of its advocates try to reconcile its basic adynamical commitments as to the nature of physical reality with certain aspects of dynamism that arise, for instance, within human experience. In this article, I first examine how some block viewers try to reconcile d…Read more
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    We adopt a top-down approach to agency aimed at developing a minimalist, scalable and naturalized account of it. After providing a general definition, we explore some possible extensions and refinements, domain of applicability, as well as a comparison with other recent accounts of agency, and possible objections to our proposal. With respect to what we classify as strong (such as Tononi’s) and weak (such as Rovelli’s) characterizations, our notion of agency situates itself in a middle position …Read more