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    Review: The Future of the Philosophy of Time (review)
    Polish Journal of Philosophy 8 (2): 87-90. 2014.
    A review of 2012's "The Future of the Philosophy of Time", ed. Adrian Bardon, a collection of papers which were presented at a conference on Philosophy of Time at Wake Forest University in 2010.
  • Śāntarakṣita and Kamalaśīla on the Sāṃkhyas’ Theory of a Self
    Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies 15 45-77. 2014.
    Śāntarakṣita was an important 8th century CE Indian Buddhist philosopher who introduced Indian Buddhism to Tibet and is believed to have created what the Tibetans call the Yogācāra-Svātantrika School of Madhyamaka Indian Buddhism. He composed the "Compendium of Reality" (Tattva¬saṃgraha), which is a comprehensive critical examination of the major Indian philosophical theories of his time. Kamalaśīla was Śāntarakṣita’s eminent disciple who wrote a commentary on the "Compendium of Reality", enti…Read more