•  119
    Constructivism in Practical Philosophy
    Philosophical Review 123 (3): 374-377. 2014.
  •  26
    Industry Support of Continuing Medical Education: Evidence and Arguments
    with Susan Dorr Goold
    Hastings Center Report 38 (6): 34-37. 2008.
  •  106
    Breakdown of Moral Judgment
    Ethics 124 (3): 447-480. 2014.
    I argue that moral judgments function as commitment strategies that rely on a deflection of attention from our motivations and values. Revealing the hidden workings of these strategies allows me to illustrate and explain some of the widely unrecognized practical downsides of moral discourse. I recommend a departure from moral discourse in favor of paying more and better attention to our actual concerns. Important strengths of my approach over contemporary forms of moral abolitionism lie in my ab…Read more