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    Revisiting Ruddick: Feminism, pacifism and non-violence
    with K. Hutchings
    Journal of International Political Theory 10 (1): 109-124. 2014.
    This article explores feminist contentions over pacifism and non-violence in the context of the Greenham Common Peace Camp in the 1980s and later developments of feminist Just War Theory. We argue that Sara Ruddick’s work puts feminist pacifism, its radical feminist critics and feminist just war theory equally into question. Although Ruddick does not resolve the contestations within feminism over peace, violence and the questions of war, she offers a productive way of holding the tension between…Read more
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    Avowing violence: Foucault and Derrida on politics, discourse and meaning
    with K. Hutchings
    Philosophy and Social Criticism 37 (1): 3-23. 2011.
    This article enquires into the understanding of violence, and the place of violence in the understanding of politics, in the work of Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida. These two engaged in a dispute about the place of violence in their respective philosophical projects. The trajectories of their respective subsequent bodies of thought about power, politics and justice, and the degrees of affirmation or condemnation of the violent nature of reality, language, society and authority, can be analy…Read more