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    Does the Prisoner's Dilemma Refute the Coase Theorem?
    with Orlando I. Martinez-Garcia
    The John Marshall Law School Law Review (Chicago) 47 (4): 1289-1318. 2015.
    Two of the most important ideas in the philosophy of law are the “Coase Theorem” and the “Prisoner’s Dilemma.” In this paper, the authors explore the relation between these two influential models through a creative thought-experiment. Specifically, the paper presents a pure Coasean version of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, one in which property rights are well-defined and transactions costs are zero (i.e. the prisoners are allowed to openly communicate and bargain with each other), in order to test the…Read more
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    Visualizing Probabilistic Proof
    Washington University Jurisprudence Review 7 (1): 39-75. 2014.
    The author revisits the Blue Bus Problem, a famous thought-experiment in law involving probabilistic proof, and presents simple Bayesian solutions to different versions of the blue bus problem. In addition, the author expresses his solutions in standard and visual formats, i.e. in terms of probabilities and natural frequencies.
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    The Evolutionary Path of the Law (review)
    Indonesian Journal of International and Comparative Law 1 (3): 878-890. 2014.
    What lessons can legal scholars learn from the life and work of W. D. "Bill" Hamilton, a lifelong student of nature? From my small corner of the legal Academia, three aspects of Bill Hamilton’s work in evolutionary biology stand out in particular: (i) Hamilton’s simple and beautiful model of social behavior in terms of costs and benefits; (ii) his fruitful collaboration with the political theorist Robert Axelrod and their unexpected yet elegant solution of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, an important ga…Read more