• Care of the Self or Cult of the Self?
    International Journal of Philosophical Practice 1 (1): 48-64. 2001.
    How might philosophically based counseling avoid becoming just one more form of private therapy, to be set alongside all the others now sold to individual consumers? Although several practitioners of philosophical counseling have sought to distinguish their approach from psychotherapeutic models, Foucault’s critique of the dominant modern model of ethical reflection might be used to argue for their essential continuity with one another, based on their common acceptance of the primacy of the impe…Read more
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    How might we construe the demand that is posed by the circulation of photographic images in the contemporary world other than the sense that is given to these in contemporary cosmopolitanism, that is, as an extension of the realm of representation to a wider humanity? The ontological reading of the image and its way of marking life given here delineates an approach to the evidence that images present that de-centres the place of human subjectivity as the locus of meaning. Using the work of Jean-…Read more
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    This discussion of Infinitely Demanding explores the terms of the paradox with which Critchley is centrally concerned: how an ethico-politics can at once begin in disappointment and yet allow for engagement, the infinite renewal of commitment and optimism. Placing this in critical relation to the paradox Rorty meets with his account of the "private ironist and public liberal" in Contingency, Irony, Solidarity, I argue that Critchley's ethico-politics invokes the possibility of a non-ironical cat…Read more
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    Limits of the Human
    with Debjani Ganguly
    Angelaki 16 (4). 2011.
    Angelaki, Volume 16, Issue 4, Page 1-4, December 2011
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    Performative Identity: Nietzsche on the Force of Art and Language
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    Jean-Luc Nancy, Being Singular Plural (review)
    Philosophy in Review 21 (6): 435-437. 2001.
  • Allegiance and Identity in a Globalised World (edited book)
    with Mark Nolan and Kim Rubenstein
    Cambridge University Press. 2014.
    Interrogating the concepts of allegiance and identity in a globalised world involves renewing our understanding of membership and participation within and beyond the nation-state. Allegiance can be used to define a singular national identity and common connection to a nation-state. In a global context, however, we need more dynamic conceptions to understand the importance of maintaining diversity and building allegiance with others outside borders. Understanding how allegiance and identity are b…Read more
  • Sense and sensibility
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    Singing the Post-discrimination Blues
    In Katrina Hutchison & Fiona Jenkins (eds.), Women in Philosophy: What Needs to Change?, Oup Usa. pp. 81. 2013.
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    The Blackwell Guide to Continental Philosophy
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    Book Information The Blackwell Guide to Continental Philosophy. The Blackwell Guide to Continental Philosophy Robert C. Solomon and David Sherman, eds., Oxford: Blackwell, 2003, viii + 345, $69.30 (cloth) Edited by Robert C. Solomon; and David Sherman. Oxford: Blackwell. Pp. viii + 345. $69.30 (cloth:)