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    The Insufficiency of Traditional Platonism from the Viewpoint of Incompatible Mathematical Theories
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 56 47-51. 2018.
    The paper distinguishes two types of Platonist approach, namely the Traditional one and the Robust one. In relation to this distinction I am going to argue that if the ontology of mathematics is intended to be defended plausibly in a Platonist way then this cannot be done according to the Traditional version. This will draw our attention to the plausibility of the Robust version. The plausibility of the two versions of Platonism will be examined in relation to one of the central problems of the …Read more
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    The paper examines the difference between János Bolyai’s and Lobachevskii’s notion of non-Euclidean parallelism. The examination starts with the summary of a widespread view of historians of mathematics on János Bolyai’s notion of non-Euclidean parallelism used in the first paragraph of his Appendix. After this a novel position of the location and meaning of Bolyai’s term “parallela” in his Appendix is put forward. After that János Bolyai’s Hungarian manuscript, the Commentary on Lobachevskii’s …Read more
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    Magyar Filozofiai Szemle 4. 2001.