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    © 2016, UNESCO IBE.Using comparative data, this article examines the level and distribution of participation in adult education opportunities among countries that participated in PIAAC. It considers observed cross-country patterns in relation to some mechanisms that drive unequal chances to participate and to some policy issues that surround the provision, governance, and financing of different types of adult learning. It also explores recent policy developments relevant to AE in three selected …Read more
  • We present noninvasive, quantitative in vivo measurements of methemoglobin formation and reduction in a rabbit model using broadband diffuse optical spectroscopy. Broadband DOS combines multifrequency frequency-domain photon migration with time-independent near infrared spectroscopy to quantitatively measure bulk tissue absorption and scattering spectra between 600 nm and 1,000 nm. Tissue concentrations of methemoglobin, deoxyhemoglobin, and oxyhemoglobin were determined from absorption spectra …Read more