•  21
    Logic: The laws of truth by Nicholas J. J. Smith (review)
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  •  58
    Ownership, Authorship and External Justification
    Acta Analytica 28 (2): 237-252. 2013.
    Some of the most well-known arguments against epistemic externalism come in the form of thought experiments involving subjects who acquire beliefs through anomolous means such as clairvoyance. These thought experiments purport to provide counterexamples to the reliabilist conception of justification: their subjects are intuitively epistemically unjustified, yet meet reliabilist externalist criteria for justification. In this article, I address a recent defence of externalism due to Daniel Breyer…Read more
  •  65
    Unknowable truths: a reply to Cook
    Analysis 66 (4): 295-299. 2006.
    Response to 'Knights, knaves and unknowable truths’, by Roy T. Cook.
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    Replacing Truth
    Analysis 76 (1): 88-96. 2016.
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    General philosophy
    Philosophical Books 46 (2): 152-155. 2005.
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    Philosophers of language have long recognized that in opaque contexts, such as those involving propositional attitude reports, substitution of co-referring names may not preserve truth value. For example, the name ‘Clark Kent’ cannot be substituted for ‘Superman’ in a context like:1. Lois believes that Superman can flywithout a change in truth value. In an earlier paper , Jennifer Saul demonstrated that substitution failure could also occur in ‘simple sentences’ where none of the ordinary opacit…Read more
  •  20
    'The Concept of Truth', by Richard Campbell
    Australasian Journal of Philosophy 90 (3). 2012.
    Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Volume 90, Issue 3, Page 615, September 2012