• Epistemic Goods
    Southwest Philosophy Review 36 (1): 187-198. 2020.
  •  13
    Metacognition as an Epistemic Virtue
    Southwest Philosophy Review 35 (1): 117-129. 2019.
  •  11
    Maybe We Should Take Human Rights Seriously
    Southwest Philosophy Review 34 (2): 13-16. 2018.
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    Melody and Rhythm at Plato’s Symposium 187d2
    Classical Philology 110. 2015.
    In Plato’s Symposium Eryximachus provides a metaphysical theory based on the attraction of basic elements which he applies to a variety of domains, including music. In the text of his speech there is a variation in the manuscripts at 187d2 between two readings, “μέλεσί τε καὶ μέτροις” and “μέλεσί τε καὶ ῥυθμοῖς”. Though the former is almost universally followed, I argue that the latter is the correct reading, based on three sources of evidence: (1) the manuscript tradition, (2) Plato’s style and…Read more
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    The Underlying Argument of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Z.3
    Phronesis 59 (4): 321-342. 2014.
    This paper argues that Aristotle’s Metaphysics Z.3 deploys a reductio against the claim that ‘substances underlie by being the subjects of predication’, in order to demonstrate the need for a new explanation of how substances underlie. Z.13 and H.1 corroborate this reading: both allude to an argument originally contained in Z.3, but now lost from our text, that form, matter and compound ‘underlie’ in different ways. This helps explain some of Z’s peculiarities—and it avoids committing Aristotle …Read more
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    “Was Pyrrho a Pyrrhonian?”
    Apeiron 50 (3): 335-365. 2017.
    Journal Name: Apeiron Issue: Ahead of print