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    Drones and the Martial Virtue Courage
    Journal of Military Ethics 14 (3-4): 202-219. 2015.
    ABSTRACTThis article explores the relationship between the operation of combat drones and the martial virtue courage. The article proceeds in three parts. Part one develops a brief account of virtue generally, and the martial virtue courage in particular. Part two discusses why critics suggest that drone operation does not fit the orthodox conceptualization of courage and, in some instances, even erodes the virtue. Part three explores how these criticisms are flawed. This section of the paper go…Read more
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    Reply to Sparrow: Martial Courage – or Merely Courage?
    Journal of Military Ethics 14 (3-4): 228-231. 2015.
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    Nancy Sherman, Afterwar. Oxford University Press, 2015 ISBN: 9780199325276. £16.99 (review)
    Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 20 (1): 201-203. 2017.
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    A retrospective essay on John MacCunn’s “Cosmopolitan Duties,” International Journal of Ethics, 1899.