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    Through students' eyes: ethical and professional issues identified by third-year medical students during clerkships
    with L. C. Kaldjian, M. E. Rosenbaum, L. A. Shinkunas, L. M. Antes, J. A. Rowat, and V. L. Forman-Hoffman
    Journal of Medical Ethics 38 (2): 130-132. 2012.
    Backround Education in ethics and professionalism should reflect the realities medical students encounter in the hospital and clinic. Method We performed content analyses on Case Observation and Assessments (COAs) written by third-year medical students about ethical and professional issues encountered during their internal medicine and paediatrics clinical clerkships. Results A cohort of 141 third-year medical students wrote 272 COAs. Content analyses identified 35 subcategories of ethical and p…Read more