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    Being human in the time of Covid-19
    Hts Theological Studies 76 (1). 2020.
    The novel coronavirus – officially named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, causing a disease which has flu-like symptoms – seems to be responsible for the current global lockdown or maybe one can even refer to it as a global event. Neither the virus nor the disease that it causes is truly novel, as the virus is part of the SARS virus family and therefore known, and likewise the symptoms of the disease are also well known, even flu-like, and therefore also not novel. Yet, what is t…Read more
  • Non-philosophy and Derrida
    Hts Theological Studies 75 (4): 1-7. 2019.
    This study brings the thoughts of Derrida into conversation with François Laruelle's non-philosophy or non-standard philosophy. Laruelle argued that Derrida is a philosopher of difference, thereby grouping Derrida together with Heidegger and Deleuze as philosophers of difference. The argument of this article is to explore Derrida's work, bringing it into conversation with Laruelle's non-philosophy and non-standard philosophy. This article is focussed specifically on Derrida's democracy to come i…Read more
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    Several congregations in the workspace of the Netherdutch Reformed Church of Africa are losing viability and sustainability. This can be attributed to various factors, the most prominent being isolation. Isolation is defined here as the inability of some congregations to move away from maintenance and an inward focus towards making necessary adjustments on the way to a dimension of missional focus. While commitment and enthusiasm are present in the work of all congregations, some find it difficu…Read more
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    Talk of time
    Hts Theological Studies 71 (3). 2015.
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    No title, no name, nothing, maybe waste
    Hts Theological Studies 70 (2). 2014.
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    Ubuntu leadership in conversation with servant leadership in the Anglican Church: A case of Kunonga
    with Joshua Musiyambiri
    Hts Theological Studies 73 (2). 2017.
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    Doing theology in multi-world contexts
    Hts Theological Studies 73 (2). 2017.
    This article seeks to respond to the challenge of doing theology in multi-world contexts, by understanding how these multiple worlds appear. Understanding the role of power in the appearance of these different worlds helps in the deconstruction of dominant worlds, but it leaves one with relativism, and consequently apathy. The article presents a Christo-fiction as a praxis of doing theology in multi-worlds as a way beyond such relativism.
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    The lived theology of the Harry Potter series
    with Anastasia Apostolides
    Hts Theological Studies 70 (1). 2014.
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    ‘My city of ruins’: A city to come
    Hts Theological Studies 70 (3): 01-06. 2014.
    'My city of ruins' is the title of a song by Bruce Springsteen and will accompany a public theological reflection of imagining alternative cities. A city of ruins is either a city of ruins in the sense that it is a city in ruins. Alternatively it is a city of ruins in the sense that it is a city that is built from ruins, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The article will reflect on the second alternative namely the poiesis of a habitable, sustainable and political space in a time when all th…Read more
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    This article represents a response to Andries van Aarde's view on a 'gateway to the future from a deconstructed past', a paper presented as part of a conference, 'Gateway to the Future from a Deconstructed Past', commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Pretoria, 05-06 April 2017. The article argues that texts, and theology faculties as texts, are just as any structure or construction haunted by their sacred secret. Haunted by the ghosts in the tex…Read more
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    Is there anything outside the Christian Text or is the Christian Text all there is? The article will argue that the Christian Text has formed and shaped Western thinking to such an extent that it is impossible to think in the global world, co-created by various Western texts, without Christianity. The fact that the West colonised the world, and that today the Western media dominates the language of the global village, makes it nearly impossible to think outside the Christian Text and thus the un…Read more
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    Fossils and tombs and how they haunt us
    Hts Theological Studies 73 (3): 1-7. 2017.
    Fossils and tombs in museums fascinate us and haunt us with their secrets. The discovery of the remains of Homo naledi, found, as argued by some, in an ancient burial chamber, promises to reveal secrets of an unremembered past, thus offering clues concerning our present-day humans and maybe influence our human future. The paper will not engage directly with what Homo naledi might contribute to the various science-religion and/or theology conversations but rather engage with the grammars of these…Read more
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    Faith, the postfoundational foundation of knowledge
    Hts Theological Studies 69 (1): 1-7. 2013.
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    This paper will bring Žižek’s divine violence as an Act, a means without end, into conversation with Derrida’s divine violence, différance and auto-deconstruction as the impossible possibility of justice. Although Žižek has, in his later works, conceded to his indebtedness to Derrida, there are certain important differences between the two thinkers. The paper will focus on their respective interpretations of divine violence and the link to minimal difference (Žižek) or différance (Derrida). Thei…Read more
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