• A Critical Introduction to the Metaphysics of Time (review)
    Philosophy in Review 38 (3): 97-99. 2018.
  • The Infectious Disease Ontology in the Age of COVID-19
    Shane Babcock, Lindsay G. Cowell, John Beverley, and Barry Smith
    Journal of Biomedical Semantics 12 (13). 2021.
    The Infectious Disease Ontology (IDO) is a suite of interoperable ontology modules that aims to provide coverage of all aspects of the infectious disease domain, including biomedical research, clinical care, and public health. IDO Core is designed to be a disease and pathogen neutral ontology, covering just those types of entities and relations that are relevant to infectious diseases generally. IDO Core is then extended by a collection of ontology modules focusing on specific diseases and patho…Read more